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(The clicks appeared to be used to establish territories.) Squeaks were made when a newt was picked up, and were sometimes accompanied by the newt twisting its body. The purpose of the squeak might be to startle a predator or to advertise the newt's toxicity.

Newt Conservation Signs indicating a road closure to protect newts as they migrate to and from breeding areas during the rainy season, Contra Costa County. Sign at dried up breeding pond in November, Contra Costa County Same sign in late January in a full pond.

A small nestling bird was found in the stomach of one newt. When feeding on the ground, adults feed by projecting a sticky tongue to capture prey. Aquatic adults open their mouth and suck the prey in. Larvae eat small aquatic invertebrates, decomposing organic matter.

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Newts have been known to eat the eggs of their own kind. Solitary males patrol the edge of the pond at the beginning of the breeding season waiting for females to arrive, and females are seen crawling overland and entering the water. Description Size Adults.

A Guide to the Amphibians and Reptiles of California (Rathke, in Eschscholtz, 1833) ( Coast Range Newt - Taricha torosa torosa ) Click on a picture for a larger view. Adult, San Luis Obispo County Adult, Contra Costa County Underside of Adult, Contra Costa County.

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Alameda county  Scott Futral. Breeding, Eggs, and Larvae Mass of underwater breeding adults, Contra Costa County. Eggs, close-up Larva in late June, Alameda County. Here's a full page with more pictures of breeding season newts, breeding habitats, eggs and larvae. Habitat Habitat, Alameda County Habitat.

Adults migrate from terrestrial locations to ponds, reservoirs, and sluggish pools in streams to breed, typically beginning anywhere from late December to February, depending on rainfall amounts. Populations that breed in stream pools migrate later, typically in March and April, after the stream flooding has.

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