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Distressed, Hari kills herself again by drinking liquid oxygen, only to painfully resurrect after a few minutes. On the surface of Solaris, the ocean begins to swirl faster into a funnel. Kelvin becomes ill and goes to sleep. He dreams of his mother as a.

Terrified by her presence, Kelvin launches the replica of his wife into outer space. Snaut explains that the "visitors" began appearing after the scientists conducted illegal nuclear experiments in a desperate attempt to understand the planet's nature. That evening, Hari reappears in his quarters. This.

In the movie, Tarkovsky concentrates on Kelvin's feelings for his wife, Hari, and the impact of outer space exploration on the human condition. Dr. Gibarian's monologue (from the novel's sixth chapter) is the highlight of the final library scene, wherein Snaut says, "We don't need.

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Wishing to work with Tarkovsky, Andersson agreed to be paid in rubles. Nevertheless, Natalya Bondarchuk was ultimately cast as Hari. Tarkovsky had met her when they were students at the State Institute of Cinematography. It was she who had introduced the novel Solaris to him.

The two surviving crewmenSnaut and Sartorius (Anatoli Solonitsyn)are uncooperative and evasive. Kelvin catches fleeting glimpses of others aboard the station, who were not part of the original crew. He also finds that Gibarian left him a rambling, cryptic farewell video message, warning him about the.

With Fridrikh Gorenshtein, Tarkovsky co-wrote the first screenplay in the summer of 1969; two-thirds of it occurred on Earth. The Mosfilm committee disliked it and Lem became furious over the drastic alteration of his novel. The final screenplay yielded the shooting script which has less.

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But before Kelvin can give first aid, her injuries spontaneously heal before his eyes. Sartorius and Snaut explain to Kelvin that Solaris created Hari from his memories of her. The Hari present among them, though not human, thinks and feels as though she were. Sartorius.

Snaut Vladislav Dvorzhetsky (Henri Berton Nikolai Grinko (Kris Kelvin's Father Olga Barnet (Kris Kelvin's Mother Anatoli Solonitsyn (Dr. Sartorius and Sos Sargsyan (Dr. Gibarian the music is by Johann Sebastian Bach and Eduard Artemyev. At the 1972 Cannes Film Festival, it won the Grand Prix.

Tarkovsky thought Solonitsyn and Grinko would need extra directorial assistance. 19 After filming was almost completed, Tarkovsky rated actors and performances thus: Bondarchuk, Järvet, Solonitsyn, Banionis, Dvorzhetsky, and Gr.

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