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Namesake: Carmen, pictured left at a recent shoot and right at New York Fashion Week in February, named herself after her mother. She said she uses makeup to help her feel more confident and tries to focus on changing culture for the 'next generation'. Carmen.

Although she said she tries to 'understand the rejection' she gets and sometimes feels insecure, she is confident of her own beauty. Family portrait: Carmen, pictured, back right, with husband Adrian Torres, back left, and her step-daughters, front, at Easter, said she is 'constantly' hit.

Despite undergoing gender reassignment surgery and having a successful modelling career, Carmen, who grew up as a boy in New Jersey, told m she is 'constantly' hit with negative comments from men and women who 'dismiss' her as a woman. Transgender model Carmen Carrera, 30, pictured.

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'What I find is that when I'm in front of the camera, it's best to use my makeup skills to feel the most confident she said. 'Not to worry so much about, "Oh, I'm going to be judged because my makeup's not right, so that's.

Published: 20:43 GMT, Updated: 12:08 GMT, Transgender model Carmen Carrera said people tell her she will 'never be a woman' because she does not menstruate and is not 'made up like. Kim Kardashian ' as she revealed the prejudices she comes up against. The 30-year-old.

Instead of over-analyzing issues, she said she focuses on trying to improve cultural norms for future generations. Carmen and Adrian, who has two daughters from a previous relationship, Ahsia and Leeah, were in a domestic partnership for four years before separating in 2013. They later.

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Describing her mother, she said she is 'one of the most beautiful women' she has ever seen. Joy: Carmen, pictured kissing the air, back left, with her two step daughters at Easter, said it is important that she knows what people are saying to 'stand up for my community'. Comparisons: Carmen gets told she is not 'made up like Kim Kardashian pictured in February shopping.

She said it is hurtful that not every brand wants to use transgender models, but that she is also resigned to the fact. 'Every brand has their target market that they're trying to appeal to, and the trans-person, unfortunately, might tick off a lot of.

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