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But I dont knowI always want a championship. I always want my team to win. The greatest day of my life is always the day when we get the rings the celebrations, the parade, everybody with pots and pans on Calle Ocho. Thats my city.

But its the playoffs that matter, right? ME: Yeah, but the regular season matters at least to some extent as far as, for instance, getting home court in the playoffs. GENESIS : Of course, but you want home court only if youre worried about it.

And youre like, Where did they get this? Why didnt they play like this the entire time? Why are they stressing me out until the last minute? But when they want to play like that, they do. But I feel like this season, Chris Bosh.

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GENESIS : Oh I remember those days, Lang. ( laughs ) ME: But you look at his game and think, How can he get better? But to me hes gotten better by being more selective and just getting more comfortable within what the Heat are.

LeBron James. Why wouldnt you want to be a fan of the most dominant player in the NBA? Its history in the making. By the way, can I ask you a question? How the hell is he more efficient this year than last year? Hes.

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I rang her up last week to get her thoughts on the current state of the Heat. ME: Lets just establish one thing early on: You are not a recent Heat fan, right? GENESIS : Absolutely not. You know, Lang, but the world, I guess.

As a fan of the team, how does that change your expectations? Does it make you complacent? Do you feel like if they dont win a title each season its a disappointment? GENESIS : I mean, I want a championship and I want them to.

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