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She is a daughter of Samuel and Mary Ann (Montgomery) Gates, who moved from Ohio to Indiana, where they resided in St. Joseph county. They afterward moved to South Bend and then to Iowa, driving through with two ox teams and settling in Allamakee county.

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The Milwaukee Journal in 1914 observed that Tincher persists and revels in making herself look awkward, no makeup nor does she care how it makes her look provided it accomplishes her purposeto make people laugh and be happy (n. pag.). She attracted attention through her bizarre.

Milwaukee Journal (31 Oct. 1914 n.p. clippings file. NYPL -BRTD. Archival Paper Collections: Fay Tincher Clippings File. NYPL -BRTD. Fay Tincher Clippings File. AMPAS -SC. Complete Project Bibliographies A. Archival Filmography: Extant Film Titles: 1. Fay Tincher as Actress The Battle of the Sexes. Dir.

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48 October edit Roxanna June is a model and the Playboy Playmate of the Month for October 2014. 49 June graduated from an arts program near Toronto and has also studied acting. After moving to Los Angeles to further her acting career, she became a.

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