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În afara acestor intervale orare, valoarea poate creşte la 35 de decibeli. Vă spunem doar că atunci când vorbim normal fiecare voce produce în jur de 60, 63 de decibeli. În clipa când vorbim mai tare sunt 66 de decibeli, iar atunci când ţipăm se înregistrează valori mai mari. Poliţiştii sunt cei care ar urma să facă măsurătorile, cu ajutorul unui sonometru.

Cu toii avem vecini gălăgioi care se trezesc să repare lucruri prin casă tocmai atunci când i-e somnul mai drag. Un proiect de lege depus la Parlament are ac de cojocul lor i vine cu amenzi dure pentru cei care îi deranjează vecinii în anumite.

ADVERTISEMENT These days, the sport of gymnastics is highly competitive and is a way for both people and nations to exhibit how physically fit their people are. From the original gyms in Germany, Belgium, and elsewhere to the huge, modern gyms of today, this sport.

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Actress. She appeared in The Twilight Zone episodes The Living Doll and A World Of His Own as well as other movies and television shows.

All offensive actions use Action Points (AP costing either three points, two points, or one point, corresponding to the intensity of the attack. 6 Each character can initially use only three AP per turn, but at higher levels, they can eventually use up to seven.

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Bheemeswara Rao Dhum Srigopal Ganeswara Rao Production edit After hearing the plot, the producers were initially taken aback due to the parallel cinema tone to the subject matter, but finally Edida Nageswara Rao agreed to produce the film. He wanted Akkineni Nageswara Rao to enact.

By 1750, Cuttack came under Maratha rule and it grew fast as a business centre being the convenient point of contact between the Marathas of Nagpur and the English merchants of Bengal. It was occupied by the British in 1803 and later became the capital.

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