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After retrieving her repaired bike at the end of the Johto League Silver Conference, she returns to the Cerulean Gym and resumes her duties as the Gym Leader. Misty becomes a central character in Pokmon Chronicles, a spin-off to the Pokmon anime, and appears in.

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Nel 2010 coprotagonista con Fabrizio Bentivoglio in Una sconfinata giovinezza, nel quale ricopre il ruolo di Francesca, una professoressa il cui marito affetto dalla malattia di Alzheimer. Inizia a lavorare come produttrice nel 2005, debuttando con il film Melissa P. Nel 2008 produce anche Riprendimi.

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In addition to her parents and husband, she was also preceded in death by a son, Paul David Miller, Jr. and all of her brothers and sisters. She is survived by two sons, Scott and Donald Miller, a daughter, Roxanne Miller and a number of grandchildren.



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