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33 Lancashire's next role was district nurse Ruth Goddard in the ITV drama series Where the Heart Is, which began airing in 1997. 34 Also in 1997 she filmed a situation comedy for the BBC, Bloomin' Marvellous, in which she played Liz, one half of.

16 In 1987, Lancashire made a brief appearance in Coronation Street as Wendy Farmer, a prospective lodger of series regular Jack Duckworth ( Bill Tarmey ). 17 In the late 1980s, she also appeared in an episode of the children's anthology series Dramarama, 17 and.

8 Although she thoroughly enjoyed performing in London's West End, she found it difficult to reconcile the experience with raising two young children in Manchester. 19 Breakthrough and popular success (19912000) edit The Coronation Street set, pictured in 2005. Lancashire appeared in the serial for.

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8 She graduated in 1986, describing her time as a student there as "tremendous" but "seriously hard work and quite intimidating". 8 9 After rejection from several repertory theatre companies, Lancashire was given her first acting role by Howard Lloyd-Lewis, artistic director of the Manchester.

14 15 During her early career, Lancashire found herself with large breaks between theatre appearances. To support herself financially, she worked as a drama teacher for five years at Salford University alongside her acting work. 8 14 Discussing Lancashire's time as a visiting lecturer in.

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At the time, Where the Heart is was the third most popular drama on British Television, regularly attracting 12 million viewers. Lancashire's decision was reportedly influenced by the series filming away from home, and a fear that remaining in the series long term would harm her career. 40 In January 2000 she expanded on her decision, stating that Ruth "was.

37 Lancashire continued to star as Ruth Goddard in Where the Heart Is for its second and third series in 19In 1998 she was nominated for her second National Television Award for Most Popular Actress. 38 In February 1999 she made a guest appearance in.

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